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“If I Cry;
It’s Because I’m Very Fed Up And Angry;
And I Can’t Do Anything About It;
Because I’ve Run Into A Dead End;
That’s When The Tears Would Come Down.”

“Sometimes all you can do is smile;

 Move on with your day;

 Hold back the tears;

 And pretend Your Okay.”

Moments in life wherein we start feeling so upset,

It’s like the World is falling upon us,

Challenges tend to test our capabilities and strength,

And wanna  know how we can handle these problems,

And how we can be able to overcome such circumstances,

Oftenly,we just suddenly got horrified by these moments,

Were unable to manage and compose ourselves upon the given situations,

“We Pretend To Be Okay;

 Even If Were Severely Broken Inside.”


“Fake Smiling,Just To Show Were Fine;

But The Eyes Shows A Thousand Different Emotions;

Where as,Reflecting On What The Heart Truly Felt;

And At Any Given Point Of Time;

Unfortunately,Will Be Exploding Like A Volcano;

Who you first thought was just calmly silent;

But Intensely Broken Apart Inside.”


We Randomly Believe that Crying;

And Showing what you feel;

Makes you look like a Weak  Human Being;

It is sometimes Mistaken to be a Sign of Defeat;

And How Far Is Your Stength is Measured;

Most Of Us Perceive That Someone Is A Strong Person;

When He Is Tough;

And is Able To hold His Tears and Emotions On His Own;

But The True Reality is;

“It Is Out of your Weakness Wherein You Uproot Your Strength”

It Is Through Acceptance Of The Fact that You are just a Human,

And That You Have Weaknesses And flaws,

“The Realization and The Assent That You Are Not Perfect;

And Having The Guts To Accept That Truth;

 Makes You Somewhat  Be Perfect and Strong As A Person;

Just The Way You Are;

Because You Are Perfectly  Imperfect.”



“And this should Open your mind being,

 That It’s okay to be weak,

 To cry,

 To Oust What You Feel,

 To shout out your thoughts,

 To Outburst Your Emotions,

 To take all the Hurtful and painful feelings out your Heart,


You Should Always Believe that;

 Youre Strong,Because You’ve Been Weak,

 Youre Fearless,Because You’ve Been Afraid,

 Youre Wise,Because You’ve Been Foolish,

 Youre Breathing,Because You’ve Been Killed A Thousand Times,

 Youre Fighting,Because You’ve Been Lose A Million Tons,

 And Most Specifically,

 You Still Choose to Live,Because Life is A Mess,

 But  You Were Born To Be A Figther, 

 And Fighters Don’t Quit The Battle,

 And They Never Ever End Up A Fight.”



“There are moments in ourlives,where we meet the rock bottom,the lowest point of life,where we literally just Wanna Cry and question Why Are these things happening?”

We started doubting ourselves and being obnoxious on what is happening and what else worst things would be possibly happen.

“Yes,It’s quite a hard time to be lonely,and to be in downfall situations and just be emotionally killed.”

Rejections,frustrations,disappointments and failures. Such a hard thing to handle.Specially when we are so emotionally tortured.

We ask ourselves “What else is lacking?Were the efforts aren’t enough?”

It’s just hard to look at yourself at the mirror being torn and Broken into Pieces.And Nothing you can do but just to Cry and stare at your own self Shattered.

Yet,It’s really painful to watch yourself onto these kind of situations.Where you wanna shout and blame the World for being cruel and unfair.

But it’s all part of being a Human.

Experiencing and feeling the Pain to remind you that you’re just a Human.But the best part of it is being able to fall down and learning and telling yourself to stand again.It’s like making mistakes and getting lessons from it.

As what they say,”Experience is our Best Teacher.”

“We make worst decisions in life,but later on we learn that from these Mistakes and Failures we are able to Motivate our own self to live our dreams and continue chasing them.That even in the mere fact that we are Broken or Shattered into Pieces,We will never Let this stop us from Being a fighter and let this be a way For us to bring the best version of ourselves.”